Introduction to Self Control…

The Lord has placed it on my heart to do a serious study into the Fruit of the Spirit.

Book One is the one I struggle with the most: Self-Control. We will dig deep and see just what God’s Word says about it. We will see how we can actually overcome our bad habits and poor choices with the power of the Holy Spirit manifesting Self-Control in our lives—as we submit to the Will of our Lord.

This is only the beginning though–we will study all the fruits. This is just book one of ten. To remain updated on the books that will follow, you can like my author page on Facebook here:

OK, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Book One.


  1. I didn’t wait when I saw this and grabbed it! I was looking for something that would work on each area of my life and my walk with God and thankfully I found your site. I started this morning and I’m so encouraged! Thank you! Thank you!

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