Fruit of Self Control:

“Fruit of Self Control packs a powerful punch for anyone who has ever struggled with self control in any way be it with anger, food, money, etc…

I have to admit that this is an area of extreme struggle for me in the form of anger and eating… And when the two combine, watch out!

This book really opened my eyes to what God tells us when it comes to such lack of control. It really made me realize that God is expecting more from us and the world is watching as well. Also, the book helped me to see just how much of how we react is a choice – really it is all a choice. We are not forced to lose our self control at any point, rather it is a choice that we make. We can depend on God or we can choose to let go.

Wow! I’m telling you, it’s a great book – and that is just a snippet of the message” – Rebecca (MommasTime.com)

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Fruit of Self-Control was an easy read as well as an insightful read. This book is informative for both the New Believer and “Seasoned Saint.” – Cherise

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Wow this was a wonderful read. i could relate to everything being said because i have a hard time with this basic principle. a must read and everyone should really read this.  – Leticia

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“So often I struggle with self control. My mind always wanders and there I am focusing on things that aren’t helpful: jealousy, greed, and guilt.

In this book I found so much encouragement for when I am in those moments. It reminded me that I can choose what I think and what I think will be how I act.

Sometimes it’s difficult to always have the strength to resist the enemy and those negative thoughts, but God is always there and all we need to do is choose HIM! This book is there to encourage you in this TRUTH!! – Heather (csahm.com)

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The battle for self-control is an issue I’m VERY familiar with. I once weighed 240 pounds as a result of emotional eating. But God showed me how to renew my mind through the bible. I ended up losing 85 pounds. Lara Velez’s book on the ‘Fruit of Self Control’ shows all of us what is at stake if we don’t live with self control: “…when we choose to walk in sin, we are walking away from all the good that God has planned for our lives.” What a sobering thought! But that’s what I liked most about this ebook – throughout the book, I had the feeling that I was listening to a close friend over a cup of coffee. This friend loves you enough to tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear. Taking the wisdom Lara offers in the ebook is a surefire way to attain the abundant life Jesus died to give us. This wisdom is based solidly on the word of God.

My favorite quote from the ebook is this one: “If we are not in the Word, we will have no clue Who we serve.” – Kim

Fruit of Meekness:

“This is a good Bible study both for a Sunday School or group. The study of meekness is important because so many, including myself, think we know it all. Meekness comes after we realize we are nothing outside of God as this author so well explains. I would recomend this little study. It could be used as one lesson or divided it into many. Caution! There may be times when you feel like the author steps on your toes however, that is what makes it a good Bible study.” – SaltKeeper

Fruit of Longsuffering:

“It may sound plain, maybe it makes me sound simple minded in my faith, but I had never put together the connection between patience and trust in God until reading this book. And patience, my friends, is what longsuffering is about.

That alone was one of the greatest lessons I learned from reading this book, but there really is so much more to it! Once again, Lara takes the Word and digs deeper, looking at definitions and putting it all into the perspective of our every day lives. She asks us to consider how we live, the trials we face, and what God may be really doing. We want so much, but we have to learn to trust in God – and that requires us to to be patient.

Sometimes it really does seem like life is out to get us. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too. Sometimes we wonder if God is really paying attention. Sometimes we just feel like giving up. This series of books – and really this third book specifically – really tackles these feelings. For me, this book really made me want to strive more to trust God in every aspect of my life. It made me want to give Him the control and just wait on Him to do what He wills to do. That, dear readers, is priceless!– Rebecca (MommasTime.com)

Fruit of Joy:

Really loved this Bible Study!!! Was an easy read – read it at one sitting and took lots of notes. – Nancy G.

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This is an awesome series! It’s easy to read, and the author is open and honest about her own experiences. I found it to be very helpful.  – Tara

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Good book well written, informative, a delight to read, author is well verse in the Word of God. – Marie

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